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Hi Christina and Julie
Thank you for your nice message. It was a great weekend! We are so happy ! Be Dance Guelph was an amazing experience. You really know how to run your Competition. It ran smoothly with great production quality. We will definitely be back for 2023. Take care

Hi ladies,

What an amazing experience. I love what you ladies are doing. Love the atmosphere. Loved the other studios. Your judging was wonderful. Well articulated and knowledgeable. Also love that you have three judges on the one video. No time wasting. Please send me your 2023 dates!

Hi Julie and Christina!

Thank you for including me in your Be Dance season. I was great to meet both of you and work with your team. The competition was the best managed event I have judged: on time, amazing staff, judging support and talent.
AND laughing and little bowls of chocolate in front of me…all my favorite things! I loved it and appreciate the opportunity.

Sending you all the good vibes for the rest of your season. Thanks again.

You guys are seriously the best in the business! So much kindness and it reflects on everyone there. Thank you once again for our fave weekend.. new friends, new personal bests, and new intrinsic motivation! Thank you!

Hello Julie and Christina.
Thank you so much for such an amazing weekend. Our kids were so impressed and inspired by other dancers, the parents and I were absolutely glad with the organization. We would like to thank you and all of the Be Dance crew for making the competition a top notch event. Have an awesome reminder of the season. See you soon.


Just wanted to thank you for the wonderful event you hosted this weekend at the EY Center. My students have told me they really enjoyed the way the competition was run and organized. They had a fantastic weekend!

Many thanks

Christina & Julie

Thank you so much for putting on such a fantastic event!! We are so pleased that we chose Be Dance to start off our season. Your show ran smoothly, on time and was loved by all of our students and parents. We will for sure be back to Be Dance in the future and we wish you nothing but the best with the rest of your season. You are incredible women, passionate about what you do and so full of integrity. Thank you! Keep up the amazing work!

Good afternoon

I would like to congratulate your team on a fun and successful competition in Ottawa this past weekend.  Having attended many dance competitions for more than a decade, it was great to know that a competition can be run on schedule and also provide a fun and enriching experience to the dancers.

Thanks for all of your hard work and wishing you a great competition season.


I wanted to say how impressed I was with the judges. They had great feedback and we appreciate that so much! The hotel and event was great!! You guys always provide a fun exciting atmosphere for the kids!

Julie and Christina,

Thank you for another lovely weekend at Be Dance. Your hospitality and warm greetings are always second to none. Your staff is always accommodating and helpful and a pleasure to be around. Well done with the extremely professional way you handled the power outage and the way you magically made up the time without making everyone feel rushed.
Thank you again

Hi Julie and Christina,

I wanted to send an email off thanking you for a tremendous weekend. You run a class act. Your set up is amazing. The way you make everyone feel is beyond words and your attention to detail from overalls to awards to scholarships is unmatched. You truly have something very special.  I’m so grateful for all your help with picking a weekend that was perfect for us. Good studios and good people. The vibe was great. Thank you for sticking true to your words. Thank you for giving these kids more then just a competition, for helping them with their education and their self esteem. Be Dance is truly like no other comp and we are so lucky we got to experience it. It’s not about the awards, although they are great, it’s about the sense of team that you give off to the other teachers and studio owners. Thank you doesn’t seem like enough. I hope you have an amazing rest of the season! We will be seeing each other very soon!


Hi Julie & Christina,

Lori & I would like to THANK YOU for a spectacular weekend! Team DDP staff, dancers & parents all had a wonderful time at Deerhurst and all it’s beautiful surroundings. It was a positive & inspirational atmosphere back stage with all the other studios and of course Ashley … we LOVE him lots! Thanks for hosting a GREAT competition!


Thanks so much for putting together another fantastic competition! So much amazing talent, very enjoyable! You guys are so incredibly organized..we love BeDance

I wanted to say thank you for an amazing competition at Brampton. Be Dance competitions are fun, entertaining and organized. It’s always a pleasure going to Be Dance.  All the best to Be Dance this season.

Hi Julie and Christina,
Thank you for a great weekend! Our kids had lots of fun….thank you again for the dinner. We know how much work is goes into running a competition weekend so thank you again. Wishing you guys the best of luck for the rest of the season!

Hi ladies,
I wanted to send you a quick note and thank you so much for having us this weekend! I can’t express how grateful I am that we chose Be Dance as our first ever competition. It was unreal to have so many amazing and friendly studios in one spot. Thank you for providing us with that 🙂

Hi There 🙂
I just wanted to take a quick second to let you know how fabulous your event was in DeerHurst!!! We are a new family to Art & Soul and this was our first time attending a BeDance event and we LOVED IT! From the amazing venue to how smoothly the comp ran. As a parent how quickly you jumped into your awards was amazing, it just shows how well your system behind the scenes runs that you are able to quickly move on with your show!!! The pictures displayed on the backdrop was such a nice and entertaining touch we just loved every minute of it. Hats off to amazing competition.

Thank you Be Dance for hosting such an outstanding event with amazing judges, an awesome venue, and outstanding hard working staff! We had such a wonderful time! It was so nice to spend our weekend surrounded by so many other talented dancers, and incredible studio owners and teachers.

Just wanted to thank you guys for a great weekend. I can’t believe that it’s been 8 years. You have done terrific things for the competition world and for dancers. Thank you for always being encouraging it means a lot. Again thanks so much for everything this weekend.

Hi Julie and Christina,
Thank you again for a wonderful weekend!!! You guys run a top notch competition and looking forward to attending BeDance 2017!
Good luck with the rest of your season.
Take care

Hi Ladies,

I would like to thank you girls for wonderful weekend at your comp. You are doing an amazing job at creating a fun, energetic and modern event with amazing and inspiring judges. The judges comments with video was an added bonus!! Keep doing what you’re doing ladies! Thank you for your hard work and all the best.

Thank you

Julie & Christina

My name is Santino Dinunzio and I am a parent with a child at the Sandra Amodeo dance studio in Markham, Ontario. In the 14 years my family has been involved with competitive dance I have yet to come across a competition that is run as professionally and honestly as Be Dance is. We have enjoyed our 1st experience with your company tremendously and look forward to coming back next year. It is clear to me that you do this for the love of dance and for the children. I just wanted to say thank you and that Be Dance should be the format that other competitions build their reputation on. Once again Thank you and keep up the great work.

Sincerely yours

Hi Julie & Christina,

We loved our first experience at Be Dance!!  Our Dancers had a great time and were so inspired by everyone.  Congratulations to you both on running a very organized and positive event.  Your staff is wonderful too!!  Best of Luck with the rest of you Events.  We will definitely look at attending next Season!

All the best,

Thank you once again for a wonderful weekend!  We love the way you run your competition and are so appreciative of all of the recognition we received. The judging was excellent and we really enjoyed the weekend.

Hope you have a great season.
Take care.

Hi ladies,

I just wanted to send you a quick note to thank you both for an awesome weekend. You run such a tight event that is so well produced and organized, it’s truly a pleasure to be part of. Please thank the rest of the Be Dance team for all they do to keep things running smoothly….I know you can appreciate that’s the exception not the rule, so thank you for allowing me to join in the fun.

Julie, I want to thank you for inviting me to participate. I had a beautiful time watching the Canadian dancers do their thing. Plus, I got to meet/ get to know two incredible and humble adjudicators during the process. Huge congratulations to both you and Christina—happy that you two are offering this event for the Canadian scene. You both are professional, respectful, and simply beautiful people! Continue doing what you are doing. Biggest hug, biggest congrats, & biggest thank you! Continue to educate the studio/ competition dance world. We need ladies like you to promote process and education in this realm!

You ladies run a very good show! It was a pleasure to be a part of your 7th Season.

My daughter was at Be Dance twice this Season. From a parents perspective… very professionally run.

Thanks again for a great weekend! I want to mention that we have been listening to the commentary from the judges and have been really impressed with their feedback. You don’t always get that from a panel and so you learn to really appreciate it when you do… especially at the start of your season when you can work to implement their corrections-which is why you go to competition! So thanks again and we look forward to next season!

Hi there, Our son danced this weekend in your London competition. We were extremely happy with the entire comp.
It was so well run, the venue was great and the improv contest was exciting!

Hi Guys, I just wanted to reach out again and say thank you so much for an incredible weekend and for choosing to give me the Dance Teacher Summit scholarship. I truly appreciate the scholarship and am looking forward to attending this August. I also appreciate the experience this weekend provided my dancers to grow and be inspired, they are now better dancer because they attend Be Dance! We will definitely be back!

Thanks for a great weekend. Very well run competition. LOVED that it was on time!!!
Very efficient awards sessions. All the best for the rest of your season!

Julie & Christina, Thank you so much for an amazing weekend with Bedance. You ran a great weekend with super judging and a great atmosphere. It is always so nice to be a teacher and mother at a comp that is run so well. I really appreciate all your hard work. Best of luck for the rest of the season. You run a great and very professional competition! Thanks again


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